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Author: He Xin

The rumored personnel changes of SAIC Group have finally been settled. It is expected that Wang Xiaoqiu will take over the retirement of Chen Zhixin, who is 60 years old, and become the president of SAIC.

On the evening of July 4th, the official WeChat “Shanghai Release” of the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued a public notice list before the appointment of the Shanghai Municipal Management Cadre. Wang Xiaoqiu, the vice president of Shanghai Automotive Group Co. Ltd. is planning to serve as a municipal management company. This means that Wang Xiaoqiu will take over Chen Zhixin as the president of Shanghai Automotive Group Co. Ltd.

The most suitable "successor"

This arrangement has long been expected by many people. With Chen Zhixin, born in 1959, entering retirement age, the successor's work is also on the agenda. From all aspects, Wang Xiaoqiu has long been considered the most suitable candidate.


From the list of management of SAIC's official website, including Wang Xiaoqiu, there are currently six vice presidents, comparing the resumes of everyone:

Zhou Langhui, almost no management experience in passenger car enterprises, mainly engaged in party committee work, is now responsible for the group's human resources;

Yu Jianwei, the background is the Nanjing Automobile Group acquired by SAIC, it is basically impossible to achieve “topping up” in SAIC;

Chen Demei, whose resume is mainly related to the economy, is now responsible for the Group Service Trade Division;

Shenyang, has been rooted in Liuzhou, in charge of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Company;

Blue Qingsong, long-term responsible for the commercial vehicle business unit.

The above five people basically do not have much experience in sales of SAIC passenger cars and SAIC joint venture brands. Usually, the top leaders of car companies have worked hard on the first line of sales and have excellent records.

xxOnly Wang Xiaoqiu is very suitable from all aspects. First born in August 1964, he has a clear age advantage. Secondly, he is a veteran of SAIC Group. He has a technical background and has gone through various positions such as quality inspection, management, procurement and technology. He has rich practical experience and has been in SAIC Volkswagen. SAIC GM and SAIC passenger cars.


And what is the ability of a person, the most direct is to see his boss's evaluation of him. Chen Hong, the current chairman of SAIC, has a high opinion of Wang Xiaoqiu. He said this earlier: "Wang Xiaoqiu is a versatile person who has worked independently and led a joint venture such as Shanghai GM. Now he is responsible for the responsibility. Self-determination is the versatile of the group."

Wang Xiaoqiu's most worthy book is "independent performance". He is the "Pioneer" of SAIC's own brand. He also returned to this place when the independent sector was in trouble, leading the take-off of SAIC's own brand.

This is also an important reason why he can become a successor today. His predecessor, Chen Zhixin, also served as the general manager of SAIC passenger cars. Obviously, whether he has experienced the baptism of his own business has become one of the key factors in selecting the “top leader”.

Autonomous challenges and glory

The crisis is the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs, just like the phoenix nirvana. Today, Wang Xiaoqiu is the most suitable "successor", which is the crisis of the past three decades.

In 2003, SAIC launched its own brand project. Wang Xiaoqiu, who has not yet reached 40, was appointed as the project leader, and deputy general manager of Shanghai Automotive Co. Ltd. participated in the acquisition of the full range of core technology products of Rover, and witnessed the first one. In the price of the joint venture brand digital car Roewe 550, for the development of SAIC's own brand brought the first wave of climax.






Wang Xiaoqiu is still a "gambler". The Roewe RX5 is the first heavy-duty model planned after he took office. The importance is self-evident. The Roewe RX5 positioned the Internet car, which was a new category at the time. At the same time, the price of 148,800-186,800 yuan also broke the price ceiling of the independent brand at that time. No one can give a definitive answer to the prospect of the car.


However, Wang Xiaoqiu is very firm. "I just want to take a sincerity to gamble!" In the end, the Roewe RX5 lived up to expectations and the total sales volume has exceeded 550,000. It has become a very important model for SAIC passenger cars.

Your own way. "Wang Xiaoqiu said.

With the Internet car as a breakthrough, SAIC passenger cars also took off. In 2018, the cumulative sales volume of SAIC passenger vehicles reached 701,885 units, a significant increase of 34.5% compared with 522,036 units in the same period of last year, accounting for the total sales share of SAIC Group from 2013. 4% increased to 10%.

Challenges and glory are always a pair of inseparable brothers, who can hold the challenge and enjoy the glory.

Go to be a hero, don't make history

It is not easy to be the top manager of an industry leader. Wang Xiaoqiu will soon face the problem of saving SAIC's performance after he takes office. The situation before him is not very clear.

The Chinese auto market, which has been growing at a high speed for 28 years, ushered in the first drop in 2018. In the dark moments of the Chinese auto market, SAIC Group has almost fallen into the worst performance in the past 10 years.

According to a quarterly report released by SAIC in 2019, the company's revenue fell 16.2% and net profit fell 15%. This is also the quarter with the largest decline in revenue and net profit in the 10 years since SAIC's first quarter of 2009.

xx此次演出的背后是上汽集团“多马车”的集体摊位。上汽大众,上海通用和上汽通用五菱和上汽乘用车的销量连续几个月下滑。今年3月底,新荣威i6 PLUS在上市发布会上,王小秋首次接受媒体采访时表示,他说“现场”,表现出危机局面。



王小秋对此也很清楚。不难看出,作为莱伊基准的荣威i6 PLUS定价为6.98-11.98百万。他的解释是“只有有销售才能生存。今天的定价策略对我不利。”好的,但你死了还活着。“





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